The Length Humans Can Go To…

Regardless of the mundane, the boring, the outright outrageous and terrible things humans can do to others, we still can do feats like this.

To work together, putting our own feelings and ambitions aside for the advancement of all is something that isn’t tangible. You can’t touch it, can’t sell it or pursue it but you can feel it. After all, aren’t the very best things felt by the heart?

Regardless of who you are, where you are and your personal circumstances, here’s something beautiful to feel today.

Fearless Felix, we salute you.


A Rare Connection.

Found this, and absolutely loved it. I won’t be adding a photo or anything here. Just click on the link and have a read.


Click here. Jeremy Cowart, we salute you sir.

What is this blog?

I’ve been around the world and seen many things, but as much as us humans like to complain and fight and not get along, I’ve seen many examples of a powerful force known as “empathy”. It seems like at the very worst of the human condition, we will – as always – endure and share in something that transcends boundaries.

This blog is my extremely humble attempt to share – and show – some of the best examples of this. If I personally get an emotional response to an image, a story, a song, quote or video, I’ll be putting it on here.

Apart from where stated, none of the content is mine and I will always give full credit for anything I find. If something appeared on here that’s yours and it’s incorrect, please let me know. I’m not infallible! 😉